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Introducing a NEW hygienic and efficient handle on catering stack wrapping.

The iWrap by Wrapmaster is a lightweight hand held catering stack wrapper, making the stack easy to wrap with one hand.

  • Quick & efficient – The iWrap is so easy to use that one person can wrap a catering stack in seconds, leaving other members of your staff free to continue with their other tasks
  • Money saving – At a fraction of the price of a stack cover, the iWrap starter kit comes with 300m of cling film – that’s enough to wrap 30 average stacks*
  • Ultra hygienic – Make washing catering covers a things of the past by simply discarding the cling film after each service to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces Static Charge – The iWrap design means you have no direct contact with the cling film, reducing the chance of ‘shocks; from static build-up
  • Cutting Blade - Incorporated cutting blade for use in removing the cling film prior to service

Once the roll included in the starter kit has been used, replacing the roll couldn’t be simpler because iWrap uses the same refill rolls as the Wrapmaster 4500 dispensing system.

Start Kit Includes: 1 x iWrap and 1 x WM4500 Cling Film Refill

* Average stack size 60cm x 60cm x 179cm